Gary Lewis


Culture Differentiation, Presentation, Business

Gary Lewis first worked in business as a McKinsey & Company consultant in 1987, after earning his MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA. He holds a BA in Linguistics. His major consulting focuses at McKinsey were operations, and finance. His subsequent consulting focused mainly on marketing (branding, new product development, technical market research), strategy, organizational change, and Corporate Social Responsibility. In the last 25 years, Gary has worked with, taught or coached approximately one thousand managers, executives, engineers, and financial professionals in the US, Europe, and Taiwan. Since 2005, Gary has taught several hundred Taiwanese executives and managers how to analyze persuasion dynamics, design messages and supporting logic structures, create “simply effective” presentations, and communicate compellingly and interactively while presenting. His students include many Country Managers, Presidents and Chairmen of major corporations. Gary’s corporate clients span 38 companies in Taiwan, and 48 in North America. He has taught or coached individual students from dozens of additional companies, and has consulted to several Taiwan government agencies. Gary also frequently teaches case analysis and discussion, as well as cross-cultural influence and leadership, to Taiwanese preparing for top US and European MBA programs.

Gary’s presentation teaching is based on his personal experience delivering hundreds of consulting and marketing presentations, plus training he received at McKinney. Gary has also taught courses in two MBA programs in the United States, including at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Gary speaks fluent Mandarin, and has studied both Chinese and Western philosophy and logic patterns since 1977. He deeply comprehends the cultural, linguistic and psycho-social challenges that arise when Taiwanese seek to persuade and collaborate with Western leaders.

As a linguist, logic analyst, cross-cultural expert and seasoned business coach, Gary has invented dozens of simple yet powerful techniques that help Taiwanese rapidly learn to communicate and present far more persuasively to Westerners. Gary’s teaching style is empathetic, interactive, and challenging. After brief but clear explanations and a little practice, his students plunge into real-time “learning by doing.” Gary facilitates mutually supportive feedback among participants, and provides precise customized coaching. Especially, he emphasizes how students can simplify their learning challenges by leveraging their existing abilities in novel ways. Gary’s students learn to use logic, psychological analysis, cultural awareness, persuasion planning, message design, and communications best-practices to reduce their “English burden” when presenting, to deeply engage and change Western executives.