Hogan 返校同學會

Back to School - the Hogan Certified Alumni Reunion


年底時光,正是回顧過去這一年的絕佳時刻。Hogan返校同學會也在2021最後一個工作日這溫馨的時刻舉行。地點選在新生南路靜巷中的《聲色》 - 主人收藏的豐富黑膠唱片和懷舊氛圍,為這場同學會注入暖意,也讓在場分享的Hogan校友們更是暢所欲言。






期待下一次的聚會。祝各位新的一年工作及生活平衡。Work and Life Balance!

Year end is the perfect time for reflection, a time to ponder upon the ups and down of the past year. Hosted by Infelligent Coaching & Consulting on last working day in 2021, the Hogan Certified Alumni Reunion can’t happen at a better time. The venue is at Good Sound, a coffee shop in a quiet alley that is known for its wide collection of vinyl records. It is in such an inviting atmosphere, some of our alumni shared their experiences of using Hogan assessments.

Judy Yu, HR Manager at Eternal Materials, spoke on assessment system for key talents. Eternal Materials is a leading traditional manufacturing company in southern Taiwan that enjoys its success with high employment engagement and very low turnover. Through insight gained from Hogan Personality Assessments, Judy’s team established the company’s talent selection, successor and development plans. The assessment system was implemented company-wide. All data was analyzed and compiled as the basis for tracking leader’s performance and development.

One of the challenges faced by the company, given the mild temperament of the employees, is to develop a R&D leadership team equipped for a changing environment. With the help of Hogan personality data, the HR team recognized the employees’ preference for reforming within the system and made the needed changes accordingly. For Judy, Hogan’s assessments have helped Eternal find the right talent, put them in the right places.

Gina Chang, Senior Manager of HR, Hong Kong and Taiwan at Edwards Life Sciences, went on to share her story. Ever so modest, she first quoted Ginni Rometty’s statement: “Your value will be not what you know; it will be what you share.” Being fully authorized on matters of employment development from the headquarters, Gina utilized Hogan personality assessments for her team in Taiwan. Following its success, the system is now incorporated in China and Korea.

Both Judy and Gina emphasized the importance of feedbacks. Feedbacks from peers and colleagues add dimension to the learning and development.

Following the sharing, it was time for some relaxation. A believer in balancing life and work, Infelligent’s Salon event series always combine learning with some elements of fun. This time, Howard, an expert in music, gave the audience a quick flashback of music. He also played a number of pieces from the vinyl collection at Good Sound. Getz/Gilberto’s The Girl from Ipanema, Bing Cosby’s White Christmas, Idina Menzel and Michael Buble’s Baby, It’s Cold Outside, Dan Fogelberg’s Same Old Lang Syne, and George Michael’s Last Christmas… the playlist was quite diverse but filled with holiday spirit.

As the finale, Pei-ru, the owner of Good Sound told the alumni the story of her stores and collections. She also played a Chinese old song from her treasured 1910’s gramophone. The artist’s sultry voice took us back to the old times. And it marked the perfect ending to the afternoon.

Until the next time, wish all of you work life balance in 2022 !