Hogan 最新版團隊報告全球上市


Hogan 最新發展的Hogan Team Report 於2016九月27日正式全球上市,透過圖像化的分析顯示,讓團隊可以瞭解團隊角色分佈的團隊優勢與發展領域、團隊的風險缺陷行為,以及驅動團隊動力的文化價值觀。歡迎到報告範例中下載最新Hogan Team Report。

The Hogan Team Report is designed as a team effectiveness tool to help team members gain a holistic, personality-based understanding of team strengths, weaknesses, and culture that will lead to improved team effectiveness.

The Report will highlight:

  • Roles team members naturally fit and mixtures of roles on the team

  • Strengths and team culture

  • Potential blind spots or collective derailers

  • Insights and recommendations in a blueprint of changes to implement to enhance team performance

This is not a fluffy team-building exercise, but informs and encourages behavioral change at the individual and team level. Expect that this report will help improve your team’s effectiveness and profitability, encourage improved collaboration and communication, as well as align the team’s personalities with team goals.