LCY GROUP 李長榮集團總裁恭賀睿信十週年影片




睿信Infelligent 成立滿10週年,要感謝這些年來許多客戶的信任與支持,讓我們能夠協助企業組織與人員的提升發展,獲得客戶的肯定長期合作,鞭策睿信團隊可以持續堅持初衷發揮影響力!


Blessing from Bowei Lee, President of LCY Group!

Infelligent is very grateful for the support and recognition from many clients in last 10 years. Our key customer Bowei Lee who has committed on talent identification and selection, executive leadership development by job rotation and individual coaching to build up succession leader team. He does use and trust Hogan assessment to know candidate reputation and predict behavior performance.

We are honored to have cooperation with LCY Group for over 2 years and witness successful story about succession plan.